Developing a thought depends on us. When the suggestion comes, we have the choice to accept it or to disregard it. Today, understand thoughts and how to be free of them. You are called to carry out a purpose and a destiny, but a stronghold will stop you and cause you to abort the purpose

Preach the finished work of JESUS. Without the blood of Jesus nothing is real. When you know JESUS  in the cross, you are saved, but when you know Him in the resurrection you enter into the power. Press into Him and receive what JESUS has for you TODAY!     We serve a Supernatural GOD. When you pronounce the

There is a battle taking place in the mind of every believer, and it is increasing. Today, learn all about what a mental stronghold is and what it does to you. Whatever your mind is set on, you are conformed to, and it will become your reality. A set mind resists change. Though we walk

What is Your Purpose? Where there is no vision people perish and there is no direction. Vision is God’s perspective of the future. What are you doing with your life? All of us will have to give an account to God for what we did on Earth. Even if you live to be 120 years

When Jesus died on the cross, He stretched His arms and took your sickness and disease. Jesus is your healer, but you must receive it; this means that you must appropriate it. You need to appropriate your healing and miracle. Appropriate what belongs to you; the work was finished at the Cross. BY THE BLOOD