A KAIROS moment – A GOD moment – A Suddenly moment

In our brokenness, GOD will never let us go.

Sometimes, churches say we can choose when and where we give ourselves to God. But we cannot play with GOD and eternity. GOD chooses when and where.

When we preach the blood of JESUS, we unlock the power of the kingdom.

That’s why we must preach the gospel, the uncompromising word of GOD.

The deep of GOD cries out in the deep… of us all.


A Kairos moment:

A kairos moment is when eternity is going to step into your time. It demands your response for it to come to you.

When God speaks, He speaks from eternity into time. Our God is not limited by time.

This is why when we come to God, we cannot go with carnal understanding.

God already decreed from eternity before the heavens and the earth were created that Jesus and His blood would set the captive free.


He has called you:

There is always a moment in time where GOD manifests what He decreed in eternity.

God chose you in Him before the foundations of the world. He already spoke you into being and ordained your name before He created the world. That means that He called you into His purpose and that word is about to manifest in your life.


God has given us an inheritance. 

An inheritance comes from a father and comes through the bloodline.

When we receive an inheritance, it is ours by right. Even when we don’t deserve it, it is ours by right because it comes from the bloodline, Jesus’ blood.


Let GOD intervene.

We need to claim what is ours by right.

When you are about to see a breakthrough and anointing in your life, problems appear. But we have to overcome those problems because God wants us to move to a new level, a new place, a kairos moment.

Sometimes we spend so much time cleaning our mess, our failures, and problems, but God wants us to stop and let Him step in. God wants to take our circumstance and make it His platform.

Our circumstances are meant for God to manifest His glory.

When we yield to God, He knows that we are ready.


Our calling is in the deep.

In the deep, GOD will release who you are. We cannot stay on the shore. God wants to manifest in the deep.

For our kairos moment, we must launch out into the deep. It is there that our purpose is manifested. Our revelation will become others’ breakthrough.