What Happens When You Have A Vision?

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What Happens When You Have Vision?

God didn’t call us to stay in the four walls of the church, God called us to serve and give to others what God has given us! That is the vision we must have.

As we follow this call, there are things we need to learn: we have to learn to always finish what we started. There is a law in the Kingdom of God that says we cannot look back on the things we’ve left behind.


Vision, mission and trust:

You cannot run in the vision if you don’t know what the mission is. Vision is the channel where the mission flows through.

God’s word reminds us that even when you face afflictions, accusations and problems you must trust God. He wants us to trust Him fully because He has already conquered whatever situation we face. When we do His will, follow His vision we will get persecuted but remember God is with us and we must trust Him completely.



Where there is no vision, there is division. Any place where people are gathered, a church, a family, an organization, if they lack vision this will cause them to be divided.



Having a vision helps you fulfill your purpose in life. Vision will help you carry a true sense of identity and you’ll understand where you are going. When you know your purpose, it doesn’t matter what other people tell you, the only thing that matters is what God says.



“Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” – John 3:3

When you live with the kingdom mindset, you will move in the vision with a strong sense of commitment. Commitment is simply doing what you said you were going to do.

Success in our lives is connected to our level of commitment. God places us in the church and in the vision so we can have that God-designed success. Our commitment honors the Lord, and He honors those who honor Him. But in order to commit, you need to be seeking God, building a relationship with Him and intimately knowing God. God is a God of commitment, and in our relationship with Him, that commitment goes both ways. He is committed to you and you must be committed to Him.

Those who are committed, those who run with the vision and those who are prepared will be able to receive the things God has for them.